What We Do


Cultural Awareness Training

Tasmania/lutruwita/trowerna has a human history stretching back more than 50,000 years, spanning at least two ice ages and more than 2000 generations. Today’s palawa/pakana people continue to practice many cultural traditions.
We are proud to share our history and heritage with all people from all ages. Cultural Awareness sessions are tailored to your company and to your needs, they run for between 3 hours to 5 days.

School Visits & Excursions

We have a wide range of knowledge and expertise relevant to Tasmanian and Australian Aboriginal cultures and histories. We are committed to providing quality educational experiences in schools and share our unique cultural heritage, knowledge, and life experiences.

Cultural lessons are specifically linked to the Australian Curriculum and tailored for individual class needs.



The interpretation of  Tasmanian Aboriginal culture and history should always be done by Tasmanian Aboriginal people out of respect for their ongoing connection to country. Building trust and forming healthy relationships is paramount. There are many Aboriginal people with various skill sets who can assist with varying aspects of your next project.

Welcome to Country

A Welcome to Country shows respect for Traditional Custodians of a particular region or area. A Welcome to Country is where an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander custodian or elder from the local region welcomes people to their land. This may be done through speech, song, dance or ceremony


Bush Tucker Tours

For more than 50,000 years, the palawa people managed and cared for this unique island. The knowledge has continuously been passed down and we are proud to share this with you today.