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Aboriginal Culture


Trish and Craig are proud palawa (Tasmanian Aboriginal) people. Both are descendant from Manalargenna, Chief of the North East, through 2 of his 4 daughters.

Trish – “Sharing our culture, history and heritage is the most important part of who I am. I believe that everyone who lives in or visits lutruwita (Tasmania) should be exposed in some way to the most ancient living culture on Earth. Our culture is how we connect to milaythina (Country), and how we connect to each other, if we are connected then we can protect, conserve, grow and prosper together. My career background is in Aboriginal education and tourism, it has been my life dream to operate this business, so our people and culture grow strong.”

Craig – With 7 kids of his own, Craig is passionate about continuing to pass on knowledge, for his family and for others. Craig is well known for his traditional dance and for his cultural knowledge, like Trish he has dedicated his life to learning and sharing his culture with people from across the globe.

Why Choose Us


Who we are

In palawa kani, Tasmanian Aboriginal language, ‘nita’ means brother, ‘nawnta’ means sister. Nita Education is an Aboriginal owned and operated Tasmanian business, we began in November 2017 with a vision to share our culture in a way that is inclusive of all people. We want to empower other Aboriginal people and give them the confidence to learn about and share their knowledge with others. We give everyone the opportunity to learn about our ancient culture so we can grow strong together.

Why what we do is important

Sharing our culture makes us stronger as individuals, as a community, as Aboriginal and as non-Aboriginal people. Through sharing our history, the good and the bad, we grow stronger together, we heal.

What others say about us

"It was a really powerful experience and it is even more significant to have shared this experience with those from the Aboriginal community who are so willing to share their story with honesty and open hearts."

“Trish is the best presenter I have had for Aboriginal Ed. The discussion was engaging, with hands on artefacts. The students enjoyed her insights and wisdom.”

“Thanks so much for organising Craig and Mitchem to come and share their amazing knowledge with our classes at Illawarra Primary school. The kids (and teachers!) were so engaged and learnt so much.”

“My Year 7 girls LOVED eating grass and making bracelets as well (of course) as learning all they could from Jamie who came in today. They all asked when they could do it again!”

“The Year 7 teachers have been raving about how great the tool kit workshops were. They were informative, engaging and well presented. Thank you for enriching our study of history.”

“Everyone (adults as well as children!) thought it was just fabulous, many believing (I am one!) that it was one of the best (if not THE best) excursion we have ever done. I even had a parent in after school telling me how her son just wouldn’t stop talking about it! The three of you are very natural and gifted presenters and were able to meet the children at all their different age levels.”

“Thanks ever so much for coming along and doing an incredible presentation. I really loved the timeline and how you get people so engaged with learning, I found your knowledge on bush tucker just amazing!!”